DryerBro DemoPromotional video coming soon. For now, this.

How To Use

  • Select your bros. These are the bros who can get a text, email, or phone call when your laundry's done. Roommates are always a popular choice here.
  • Put your (or your slampiece's) iPhone or iPod Touch on the dryer.
  • Start the dryer, and start the app.
That's it. Dryer Bro will shout at all your bros when the laundry's done.

Application Features

  • SMS, Calling, and Email Notifications

    DryerBro connects to our mother ship servers which do some number crunching and dispatch the notifications to your bros.
  • 30 Second Accuracy

    DryerBro sends out notifications after your dryer has been off for 30 seconds. It's pretty baller.
  • All Your Bros

    DryerBro uses the contacts already set up on your iPhone or iPod Touch - just pick from the digits or emails already in your device.
  • Saving For Later

    DryerBro saves the message you select and the bros you notify for next time so it's good to go when you need it.
  • Accelerometer

    We use the accelerometer in your phone to figure out when the machine is done vibrating, so keep your phone away from the edges. The app detects that the vibration has stopped when your laundry's done.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my iPhone is on the dryer, how can I receive a text from it?

Valid question, bro. The app is designed to be able to call or text any phone or send an email. Odds are you probably live with someone or chill on the internet all day; use their phone or email yourself. This app also works on iPod Touches, so improvise.

Why won't the app work?

Operator error. Bros write perfect code, so our app is flawless. You might have a laundry machine that doesn't vibrate enough though (very rare, most machines suck). If this is the case, sorry, you got what you paid for.

Can I call a land line?

Land lines are pretty ghetto, bro, but they will work fine.

Can I use this in a public laundromat?

We don't recommend using it somewhere where your device could get stolen. Man up and do laundry at home. Or your slampiece's house.

That's it. Your laundry, and your bros.